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Safety Policy

Together, we work diligently to manage risks and reduce hazards, incidents and accidents which may affect our colleagues, customers and the public.

Through policy, communication, training and action, we have a responsibility to ensure the safest environment possible.  We require the open sharing of safety concerns – personally identifying and reporting hazards, conditions, or activities adversely affecting safety, is everyone’s job.

Unless there is an obvious refusal to abide by the above, such as through impairment by illicit substances, acts of criminal intent, grossly negligent behavior, or the withholding of critical safety information, no disciplinary actions will be taken with anyone who helps in identifying a safety concern.

Wildlife Management

Wildlife at the airport is a high risk due to the potential for aircraft strikes. We have a Wildlife Management Plan in place to identify specific hazards and the activities required to reduce the potential risk. The numbers and types of species vary throughout the year, so our activities vary accordingly.

Patrols are carried out throughout the day to disperse birds and other wildlife from on or near the runways. We use a combination of techniques, dependent on the species and situation, including pyrotechnics, habitat management, vehicle and person presence and trapping.

We continually monitor birds and other wildlife at the airport to ensure our tactics are effective, and also try to manage habitats to make it less attractive for them. This includes cutting grass to specific lengths, reducing blueberry fields and minimising standing water.

In order to avoid attracting wildlife to the airport, feeding of birds or wildlife on the airport property is prohibited. Please do not feed the wildlife and help us by ensuring that all waste food is placed in the appropriate receptacle – Thank you!