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GREATER MONCTON, NB, April 16, 2024 – YQM is pleased to announce a new program as part of its commitment to accessibility. The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower initiative offers a discreet way for individuals to communicate their non-visible disabilities or conditions by wearing a complimentary Sunflower lanyard, now available at the airport. This accessory signals to airport staff that the wearer may require additional assistance, patience, or time during their journey.

The Sunflower Lanyard is a discreet symbol to indicate that someone has an invisible disability. Adorned with yellow sunflowers, the green lanyards help people with hidden disabilities, such as autism, ADHD, chronic pain, dementia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, brain injuries, low vision, hearing loss, and anxiety disorders, among others, discreetly indicate that they may need a little more help or time when traveling through YQM.

“This initiative underscores our dedication to providing an exceptional passenger experience and reinforces YQM’s commitment to accessibility,” said the Greater Moncton International Airport Authority’s President and CEO, Courtney Burns.

Worldwide, approximately one out of every seven individuals lives with a disability. New Brunswick has the second highest rate of disability in Canada at 26.7% of its population. Recognizing this increasing prevalence, the concept for the program originated in 2016 at London Gatwick Airport in England. The team developed a lanyard featuring sunflowers against a green backdrop to symbolize confidence, growth, strength, joy, and optimism. Travelers have the option to wear this Sunflower lanyard to visibly indicate their disability to others. Since its inception, the program has been adopted in more than 240 airports in over 30 countries, and 17 airlines worldwide, which includes more than 100 airports across North America.

Program participation is voluntary for YQM passengers, and they may request free Sunflower lanyards in pre-security, at the information kiosk, or by calling 506.856.5444 (ext.6) to request one.

For more information, visit the Sunflower lanyard’s official website.


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