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GREATER MONCTON, N.B. – Following two recent incidents of replica grenades causing travel delays and law enforcement investigations at the Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport (YQM), travellers are reminded that such items are prohibited from carry-on or checked luggage.

“Travellers must remember that even though they know that their items are harmless, airport security screening personnel do not,” says Bernard LeBlanc, CEO of YQM. “What is a toy, ornament or collectible to one person is a possible dangerous object to the security screening staff. We realize how this may cause confusion because many of these fake items are easily available in retail stores and online.”

According to the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), it is strictly prohibited for passengers to try to bring “toy, replica and imitation weapons that could be mistaken for real weapons.” According to Mr. LeBlanc, staff must always err on the side of safety and are required by emergency response protocol to call in law enforcement and highly trained experts to determine the safety of any such objects when they are found during security screening. “The fact that the item could even be mistaken for the real thing is enough to cause major problems for everyone,” he says.

Passengers may also download CATSA’s “Breeze Through Security” app for Android or Apple mobile devices. The app provides the ability to easily search CATSA’s list of prohibited and restricted items and other information, including the ability to:

  • Check the wait times at security screening checkpoints in major Canadian airports.
  • Find advice for families, passengers with special needs and seniors to help them get through airport security screening quickly and easily.
  • Create a travel checklist to help pack a carry-on bag or a checked bag. It includes security restrictions on various items (e.g. liquids, food, personal items, sporting equipment, tools).
  • Provide feedback about your experience at security screening.

The “Breeze Through Security” app is available on Google Play or Apple’s App Store.


About Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport (YQM)

YQM is a progressive airport and the leading airport in the central Maritimes. 24/7/365 – everyone associated with the airport strives to provide superior air service to passengers travelling all over the world and to the global cargo industry -safe, convenient, efficient, bilingual and businesslike. 

YQM also strives to maximize its contribution to local and regional economic and community development. It currently drives more than $665 million of economic activity annually, making it one of the top private-sector economic contributors to New Brunswick’s economy.

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For more information:
Julie Pondant, Corporate Communications Specialist
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