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DIEPPE, NB – Starting this week, two major construction projects will be initiated at YQM in order to improve the baggage equipment and conveyor system as well as the conversion of the groundside lounge to a secure access entry point only.

The public and travellers will notice construction at the check-in counters. As well, once passengers go through security to access the pre-board area, there will be a few areas affected with contained construction areas.

These projects will have no impact on airline operations. Passengers will notice this activity when checking in luggage, as they will be asked to place their checked-in luggage on a different luggage belt than usual that will be in proximity to the check in counters.

Mezzanine accessibility and lounge airside conversion project

By the end of February 2020, the new airside lounge will be launched, increasing airside food and beverage offerings for passengers. This project has two main objectives: make the second-floor mezzanine accessible to all and second, to make better use of the second-floor lounge by making it post-security via a newly constructed bridge. Construction timelines have yet to be confirmed, but the public may see construction activity as soon as October 24. Construction activity should conclude by the end of January 2020. Passenger disruptions should be minimal as most of the construction should occur at non-peak times or after hours.

Baggage equipment/conveyor upgrading project

This is a Canadian Airport Transport Security Agency (CATSA)-funded program that entails a replacement and upgrade of baggage screening equipment and conveyors. The first phase of construction will begin at the end of October and continue until early December. From early December until the end of the project, the conveyor system will be shut down. There will be an additional X-ray unit placed next to the oversize screening operation where all checked luggage will be screened. There will be two people assisting passengers with baggage handling services throughout the project in an effort to facilitate this task – for example: loading the X-ray machines, placing the luggage on the oversize line, helping baggage handlers as required. The oversize line will be extended (lengthening the baggage pick-up point) in the outbound baggage room as an interim measure to help operations from December until the end of the project.

All construction is aimed to be finalized at the end of February, such as to minimize impacts to operations. YQM apologizes for any inconvenience as a result of these construction projects as we work towards improving the passenger experience upon completion of these key initiatives.


 About Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport (YQM)

YQM is a progressive airport and the leading airport in the central Maritimes. 24/7/365 – everyone associated with the airport strives to provide superior air service to passengers travelling all over the world and to the global cargo industry -safe, convenient, efficient, bilingual and businesslike. 

YQM also strives to maximize its contribution to local and regional economic and community development. It currently drives more than $665 million of economic activity annually, making it one of the top private-sector economic contributors to New Brunswick’s economy.

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