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Our airport has an Environmental Management System based on the requirements of ISO14001:2015. This includes many programs and procedures, such as:

  • Management of Storage Tanks
  • Waste Management
  • Carbon Reduction
  • Wildlife Management
  • Management of Halocarbons (in cooling and air conditioning systems)
  • Environmental Incident Management and Emergency Preparedness
  • Management of Aircraft De-icing and Anti-icing (from October to May each year)
  • Management of Projects and Construction Activities
  • Environment Auditing

Airport Carbon Accreditation

In May 2016, YQM achieved certification under the international Airport Carbon Accreditation Program. This program, launched in 2009, provides a standard framework for airports around the world to map and reduce their carbon footprint.

In order to achieve Level 1, YQM had their carbon footprint verified by a third party and committed to reducing carbon emissions going forward.

We are currently working towards Level 2 (Reduction) certification, for which we need to demonstrate an ongoing reduction in carbon emissions, along with developing and implementing a Carbon Management Plan, detailing targets and initiatives for reducing carbon emissions. A Carbon Reduction Study was commissioned in 2017, which has identified projects to reduce our carbon emissions, such as the retrofit of LED lighting in the Airport Terminal Building. If we are successful in achieving Level 2, we will be only the third airport in the whole of Canada at this level, behind Ottawa and Vancouver.

Waste Diversion Programs

The Greater Moncton International Airport Authority Inc (GMIAA) segregates the waste generated by the airport wherever practicable, to minimize waste sent to landfill.

Separate receptacles are placed throughout the terminal building for segregation of recyclable waste and general waste. Organic waste is sent for composting at a local facility.

GMIAA also collects used batteries and cell phones, which are recycled through the Call2Recycle program.

Environmental Assessments

YQM assesses all projects taking place on airport property for their environmental impact. This ensures that if necessary, steps can be taken to mitigate any potential adverse effects.

YQM did not initiate any projects that were likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects during the 2017 reporting period.